At work in Britain, women get short shrift

Sept. 25, 2013 at 10:35 AM
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LONDON, Sept. 25 (UPI) -- Britain's Office of National Statistics said Wednesday that women comprised almost half the country's workforce, but took the bulk of the lower skilled jobs.

The ONS said 34.8 percent of managers in the country from October-December of 2012 were women. That compares to 33.5 percent in the European Union, ONS said.

The largest percentages of women managers in Europe are in Latvia and Lithuania, with 45 percent and 41 percent, respectively. In the larger countries of Europe, women make up 31 percent of managers in Spain, 29 percent in Germany, 24 percent in Italy and 39 percent in France.

In Cyprus, with the lowest percentage in Europe, 16 percent of managers are women, ONS said.

ONS said men were far more likely than women to hold positions in the upper middle grouping of jobs, which includes associate professional and technical occupations and skilled trades. Women, conversely, were more more likely to accept jobs that required a lower middle skill set.

Using data from April-June 2013, ONS said 37 percent of men were employed in jobs in the upper middle skill set, compared with 18 percent of women. Forty-six percent of women, on the other hand, had jobs requiring a lower middle set of skills, compared to 24 percent for men.

In April-June 2013, there were 13.4 million women with jobs, 42 percent of them in part time jobs. In the same period, there were 15.3 million men in the country with jobs, 12 percent of them in a part time position.

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