Factory orders rose in June

WASHINGTON, Aug. 2 (UPI) -- U.S. factories indicated business orders rose for the fourth month out of the past five in June, the Department of Commerce said Friday.

Factory orders for U.S. manufactured goods rose 1.5 percent in the month to $496.7 billion after rising by 3 percent in May.


Transportation orders -- a category that includes big-ticket items, such as planes, trains and ships -- drove the increase in June, climbing 12 percent to $86.6 billion.

Without transportation orders, factory orders slipped by 0.4 percent.

Orders for durable goods in May, also up for four of the past five months, rose by 3.9 percent to $244.2 billion, the bureau said.

New orders for non-durable goods fell by 0.6 percent to $252.4 billion.

Inventories of manufactured durable goods, up for six of the past seven months, rose by 0.1 percent to $627.7 billion.

Factory shipments declined in June, sliding by 0.2 percent to $229.4 billion.

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