Hiring intentions rise in U.S., but weak around the globe

MILWAUKEE, June 11 (UPI) -- Hiring intentions in the United States for the third quarter are holding up, especially when compared to many countries around the world, Manpower Group said.

A survey of hiring managers found in the United States the percentage of those managers intending to hire in the third quarter is at a level unseen since 2009, Manpower said Tuesday.


Around the world, however, hiring intentions for the third quarter are lower this year than they were for the same period in 2012 in 26 out of 42 countries included in the survey.

Manpower's survey includes responses from 65,000 hiring managers around the globe.

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Manpower said hiring expectations are positive in 13 of 24 countries in its Europe,Middle East and Africa region. However, hiring intentions are negative in nine countries -- "the same number as in the second quarter," Manpower said

In France, the Net Employment Outlook index is negative for the first time since 2009. The index, meanwhile, remains negative in Greece, yet it "continues to improve."

In the Asia-Pacific region, the survey indicates workforces will expand in the third quarter in all eight countries and territories included in the survey.


"But employers in India report the weakest forecast since joining the survey eight years ago. [In addition] China's Outlook is the weakest in 3 1/2 years," Manpower said.

In the Americas, all 10 countries in the region are expected to see net increases in hiring. Brazil, Panama and Peru are "among the strongest globally," with regard to hiring intentions. Employers from Argentina, Canada and Costa Rica report positive intentions although they are the weakest three in the region.

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