Hiring to slow in China, Brazil and India

MILWAUKEE, Sept. 11 (UPI) -- The pace of employment growth is expected to slow in the fourth quarter in China, Brazil and India, a global economic survey found.

ManpowerGroup's fourth-quarter 2012 Employment Outlook Survey, released Tuesday, showed employers in all industry sectors in China, Brazil and India forecast slower employment growth.


"Meanwhile, in the world's seven largest economies, hiring forecasts remain positive yet conservative in all countries except Italy, where the outlook declined into negative territory," Manpower said in a statement.

The quarterly survey covers 42 countries and territories. For the fourth quarter, 31 of the 42 locales "should see varying degrees of positive hiring activity ... with employers in 22 labor markets reporting improved or relatively stable hiring intentions compared to the third quarter," Manpower said.

Despite the relatively positive intentions in the 22 labor markets, hiring is "expected to weaken in 26 markets compared to one year ago," the report said.

Globally, the strongest hiring intentions were found in Taiwan, India, Panama, Turkey and Peru.

Even with pace of employment slowing, Brazil remains bear the top of the list of countries with the strongest hiring expectations.

The weakest hiring intentions were noted in Greece, Italy, Finland, Ireland, Spain, Slovakia, Netherlands, Czech Republic and Poland.


In general, Manpower said, "the European debt crisis remains a persistent drag on the confidence or employers throughout much of the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region."

Countries in the Asia Pacific region expected hiring to "remain positive," in the fourth quarter. All 10 countries in the Americas involved in the survey indicated positive job growth, the strongest in Panama and Brazil, and the weakest in Argentina.

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