Stay-at-home dads have 52.9-hour work week

June 10, 2012 at 11:24 PM
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WALTHAM, Mass., June 10 (UPI) -- The average stay-at-home U.S. dad juggled a 52.9-hour work week and if paid for his top 10 jobs it would cost $61,814 a year, a salary Web site calculated. surveyed more than 1,800 fathers this year to calculate dad's earning power using its Dad Salary Wizard, an interactive tool allowing dads and their families to price the job of being a father. Dads reported which 10 jobs they spend the most time doing -- from computer operator to day-care teacher to facilities manager -- and how much time they spend doing each job each week.

Meanwhile, dads with jobs outside the home put in 32 hours of work at home each week in addition to time spent on the job. His at-home 2012 salary would be $36,757.

A working dad's projected at-home salary should be combined with his actual outside work salary to determine his yearly compensation value, said.

Last month, 8,000 moms quantified their hours by job description at and found the average stay-at-home U.S. mom juggled a 94.7-hour work week and calculated her salary, including overtime, at $112,962 a week.

A working mom adds 57.9 hours of work at home per week -- for $66,979 -- in addition to the time she spends at work. A working mom's projected at-home salary should be combined with her actual outside work salary in order to determine her yearly compensation.

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