Airplane parts firm a scam, investors say


MIAMI, April 26 (UPI) -- Investors are crying foul in Florida over a used airplane parts company several now say was really a scam.

Leo Greenfield of Hollywood, Fla., said he lost $500,000 to the alleged schemers, who claimed Military Air Parts International was buying used airplane parts and reselling them in the United States and abroad.


"I found out it's all B.S. They just had a fraud going," he told The Miami Herald.

Another investor from Florida, Carlos Tarafa, said he lost about $400,000 and that the company, "Was window dressing. It was all a facade."

The company folded in 2007 and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is now investigating company officers Roger Green and Victor Brown on a variety of potential charges, including grand theft and racketeering, the newspaper said.

A search warrant says the pair told investors they would see returns of 15 percent to 30 percent within six months.

Instead, the search warrant says, investors lost at least $4 million.

Brown's attorney Thomas Sclafani said his client, "Knows the market inside and outside and that's what he does." However, Sclafani said Brown, "Does not know anything about the conduct of business," adding, "He's as much a victim as anybody else."


But Tarafa, described as a long-time friend of Green's, said, "Roger flat out told me that Victor robbed the money. And Victor flat out told me that Roger stole the money. They blamed each other."

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