Texas probing Google on antitrust matters

AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 4 (UPI) -- Internet giant Google said it would cooperate with an antitrust investigation conducted by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott.

"We look forward to answering their questions because we're confident that Google operates in the best interests of our users," said Google's general counsel Don Harrison in a blog posting, Cnet reported Saturday.


Abbott's office in Texas confirmed it was conducting an antitrust investigation, but a representative for the office declined to provide details.

Google, however, said Abbott's office had inquired about three other antitrust complains, including one by price-comparison Web site Foundem, which sparked a regulatory investigation in Europe earlier this year.

Abbott's office was also pursuing details about antitrust court complaints filed by TradeComet and myTriggers, Cnet said.

In a related Web site posting, Microsoft said Friday that it was not involved in a campaign to attack Google in the courtroom, but that it was a member of Competitive Online Marketplace, an organization that includes Foundem.

Microsoft also said attorneys who have worked with the company have also represented myTriggers and TradeComet.

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