In a vote, Goldman Sachs has trouble

NEW YORK, April 21 (UPI) -- A survey conducted by Argyle Executive Forum found if it came down to a vote, New York financial giant Goldman Sachs, accused of fraud, could be in trouble.

Argyle did not release the size of the polling sample but said a recent survey of business leaders found 55.2 percent of respondents indicated they felt Goldman Sachs was guilty.


Goldman has said it would contest the charges filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission Friday that say the bank sold mortgage-backed securities designed to fail, as they were picked by a hedge fund manager who was betting against the housing market.

Goldman executives said Tuesday the hedge fund manager, John Paulson, was not involved in selecting the securities investments.

In the survey, 20.7 percent of the respondents indicated they felt Goldman to be innocent. The remainder -- 24.1 percent -- indicated they were unsure.

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