Americans watch screens 8.5 hours per day

WASHINGTON, March 28 (UPI) -- U.S. adults spend 8.5 hours per day staring at video screens of all sorts, from televisions to cellphones to computers, a study indicates.

The Council for Research Excellence said TV still gets the most face time as far as media consumption and advertising, with the study suggesting that computer usage has supplanted radio as the second most common media activity, with print ranking fourth, The New York Times reported Saturday.


All that looking at screens means a typical U.S. resident is exposed to 61 minutes of video ads and promotions a day, the study found.

The $3.5 million study was paid for by the Nielsen Co. and carried out by researchers at Ball State University's Center for Media Design. It sought to discover whether media companies needed to implement new forms of media usage measurement, the Times said.

Contrary to beliefs that young people consume more video-screen media than their elders, researchers reportedly found that the number of minutes with media is almost identical for every age group.

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