Mexico tops U.S., Canadian car makers

TORONTO, Dec. 11 (UPI) -- Canada has fallen to third place as the top North American auto-producing nation with Mexico surpassing both U.S. and Canadian production, analysts said.

Dennis DesRosiers of DesRosiers Automotive Consultants told the Globe and Mail the Canadian province of Ontario, home to once the most productive region of the three countries was losing jobs and output.


"While we were worrying about Michigan, Mexico has quietly cleaned the clocks of both Ontario and Michigan," he said.

As a $14 billion bailout for Chrysler, Ford and General Motors was being debated in Washington, the Big Three were also asking the Canadian government for some $6 billion in aid, while the Mexican government is being asked for $3 billion, the newspaper said.

Ontario Economic Development Minister Michael Bryant said Canada needs to find a "diplomatic solution" to the manufacturing losses.

"The tentacles of the automakers in Detroit reach into Canada in a number of ways, firstly the automakers, secondly the dealers and thirdly, and very importantly, the suppliers," Bryant told the Globe and Mail. "We have to ensure that every supplier and every part of the supply chain is recognized in the North American solution."


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