Norway could ban gasoline-powered cars


OSLO, Norway, May 23 (UPI) -- Norwegian lawmakers are working on a proposal that could lead to a ban on the sale of gasoline-powered cars, a published report said Wednesday.

Ruling Labor, Socialist Left and Center party members of the Parliament's transportation committee have aired the proposal, and the Transport Ministry is determining if such a ban would be legal, Oslo's Verdens Gang newspaper reported.


"This is not a problem to arrange," Labor transportation committee member Truls Wickstrom said. "In Brazil over 80 percent of cars sold run on bioethanol."

"Most of the major car makers are banking on flexi-fuel," Wickstrom said.

A flexible-fuel vehicle, or dual-fuel vehicle, has two fuel tanks and can alternate between, for instance, gasoline and bioethanol, also known as gasohol.

Banning sales of gasoline-powered cars "would pressure the automobile industry into developing technology faster than it otherwise would," Center Party committee member Jenny Klinge said.

Verdens Gang offered no immediate comment from automobile or oil industry officials.

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