Beekeeper's drive turns tense when bees get loose

By Ben Hooper

May 3 (UPI) -- A North Carolina beekeeper driving a swarm of bees to their new home ended up having a tense trip when the insects got loose inside his vehicle.

Wally Leatherwood said the bees, which were shipped in three boxes, were initially in the back of his pickup truck as he drove them from Weaverville to Waynesville, but he moved them inside the cab of the pickup with the air conditioner running when he stopped to eat.


Leatherwood said he checked on the bees 15 minutes later and discovered they were flying loose inside the cab.

The beekeeper decided to just continue his drive with the insects loose. A video filmed by Brandon Singleton shows Leatherwood sitting calmly in the bee-filled truck after arriving at his son's work in Waynesville.

Leatherwood said he managed to avoid being stung during the drive, but he ended up with five or six stings when he transferred them from his truck to their new hives.

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