Clinton Administration

Published: 1993
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William Jefferson Clinton, flanked by his daughter Chelsea and wife Hillary Rodham Clinton is sworn in as President of the United States as he takes the oath of office administered by Supreme Court Justice William Hubbs Rehnquist on January 20, 1993 on Capitol Hill. (UPI Photo/Files)

Howard Dicus: 1993 saw the start of America's first Democratic Presidency in a dozen years.

President Bill Clinton: “I, William Jefferson Clinton, do solemnly swear ... ”

Chief Justice William Rehnquist: “ ...that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States.”

Howard Dicus: Bill Clinton came to Washington with promises to trim the Federal deficit.

President Bill Clinton: “It will not be easy. It will require sacrifice.”

Howard Dicus: And make Government more helpful.

President Bill Clinton: “We must provide for our nation the way a family provides for its children.”

Howard Dicus: The 15-minute Inaugural Address went over well.

(Bell ringing)

Howard Dicus: So did the ride to Washington on a bus and the bell-ringing arrival ceremony …

(Bell ringing)

Howard Dicus: It also wowed Washington that the leader of the free world could wail on sax …

Unknown Speaker: "Are you ready for this?"

Howard Dicus: ...however badly.


Howard Dicus: But reality set in quickly.

President Bill Clinton: “We have been told since the election that the Federal debt every year is gonna be $50 billion bigger than we were told it was before the election.”

Howard Dicus: That made his budget promises harder to keep.

Unknown Speaker: “On this question the yeas are 50; the nays are 50.”

Howard Dicus: When his budget plan did come to a vote, Vice-President Gore had to break a tie.

Unknown Speaker: “The Vice-President votes yes, and the conference report on the President's economic plan is passed.”

Howard Dicus: Gore supervised a study of how to reinvent government and make it cheaper to run, but the report itself came under fire from House GLP leader Bob Michael.

Congressman Bob Michael: “The first 14,000 copies of this report cost $60,000.”

Howard Dicus: The New Right gave Clinton a fight on his social-policy plans. Activist Andrea Sheldon didn't want Wisconsin official Donna Shalala to join the Cabinet.

Andrea Sheldon: “Donna Shalala is public enemy number one for the family.”

Howard Dicus: For a while, it seemed one of the few uncontroversial Cabinet officers would be Les Aspin. Senator Armed Services Chairman Sam Nunn.

Senator Sam Nunn: “His entire adult life has in fact prepared him to be Secretary of Defense.”

Howard Dicus: But Aspin was the first Cabinet officer to resign.

Secretary Les Aspin: “I am grateful that Hillary has agreed to chair this taskforce.”

Howard Dicus: The President made his wife his chief healthcare advisor.

President Bill Clinton: “And not only because it means she'll be sharing some of the heat I expect to generate (laughing).”

First Lady Hillary Clinton: “Explain how you see the system that is being gamed and ripped off because it has no real discipline, no budget, no controls.”

Howard Dicus: Clinton got heat from vets ...

Unknown Speaker: "President Bill Clinton."

Howard Dicus: These Vietnam vets remembered who had dodged the draft.

Howard Dicus: But Clinton got good marks for putting a second woman on the Supreme Court, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg: “It contributes to the end of the days when women appear in high places only as one-at-a-time performers.”

Howard Dicus: From UPI, this is the Year in Review.