Rich and Famous Jailed: John Gotti and Mike Tyson

Published: 1992
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"Murphy Brown" producer Diane English took the chance at the podium to chide the vice president, Dan Quayle, while receiving the Emmy for the series Murphy brown on August 30, 1992. English lambasted Quayle for making a statement against the show last spring when the fictional character of Murphy brown, played by Candice Bergen (back, 2nd from left), had a baby out of wedlock. (UPI Photo/Casey Luksch/Files)

Howard Dicus: The rich and famous went to jail in 1992. Ex-dictator Manuel Noriega convicted of drug smuggling, but treated like a POW because it took a US invasion of his country to arrest him. New York prosecutor James Glison finally got murder charges to stick to mobster John Gotti.

James Glison: “The teflon is gone. The don is covered with velcro and every charge in the indictment stuck.”

Howard Dicus: Charles Keating went to jail. He swindled his own depositors before the country’s worst S&L collapse.

Jeff Motter: “If is about making sure that victims of rape are listened to.”

Howard Dicus: Prosecutor Jeff Motter set in Indiana police after winning a rape conviction of boxing champion Mike Tyson.

Jeff Motter: “And that anyone in a society is going to be treated the same when they commit that sort of a crime.”

Dr. Cecil Jacobson: “I spent my life trying to help women have children.”

Howard Dicus: Fertility Dr. Cecil Jacobson convicted of using his own sperm to inseminate patients was caught in 1992 when his patients began to notice how their children all looked like him.

Dr. Cecil Jacobson: “And it is a shock to be found guilty trying to help people.”

Howard Dicus: Senator Brock Adams of Washington State retired after several women accused him of improper advances.

Brock Adams: “This is the saddest day of my life.”

Howard Dicus: Senator Bob Packwood of Oregon would not resign after similar complaints about him, but --

Bob Packwood: “I would like meet with them personally and apologise.”

Howard Dicus: The Navy investigated harassment of female officers in the Tailhook scandal, only to have an investigator accused of harassment during his probe.

Unknown Speaker: “The incumbent commander of NIS would be replaced as the commander.”

Howard Dicus: This is the year in review.