Chicago River flood and NASA

Published: 1992
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Vice President Dan Quayle has lunch with Costa Rican President Oscar Arias in the Vice President's office on April 4, 1989 in Washington. UPI Photo/Leighton Mark/Files)

Howard Dicus: Only rats died in this disaster, although one man was fired over it. This is the sound of water being pumped out of a network of abandoned tunnels underneath Chicago. A retaining wall was leaking and while one official dickered over the price of fixing it, it broke. The Chicago River poured in. Much of the commercial district was closed for days while basements were pumped out and dried out.

Unknown Speaker: Four, three, two, one, zero and lift off.

Howard Dicus: It was a better year for the shuttle program. About a mission a month and NASA’s record was clean, but the astronauts so lucky to be selected to go into space, found that privilege has its rank.

Unknown Speaker: “I think most of us at this point would kill for a shower. In some cases we might kill our fellow crew member if they did not take a shower.”

Howard Dicus: From UPI, this is the year in review.