Marion Barry Arrested

Published: 1990
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District of Columbia Mayor Marion Barry talks to people outside the courtroom during the lunch break at his continuing trial on July 17, 1990 in Washington. Looking over his shoulder at right is Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam. Farrakhan attended the day?s court session as a spectator. (UPI Photo/Bruce Young/Files)

Howard Dicus: The war on drugs caught another big fish in 1990.

Speaker: extra, extra; read all about it. Marion Barry.

Howard Dicus: The FBI stung Washington Mayor Marion Barry. He took cocaine on their candid camera. When he was read his rights, all he could do is blame a situation on the woman who invited him to the room.

Marion Barry: The setup, I can't understand that.

Howard Dicus: Barry was convicted, but not of all charges, and though he canceled plans to run for reelection, he never did resign as Mayor. Drug czar Bill Bennett quit his job first. Bennett said his job was done. Certainly, Bennett was happy some one else would soon be Mayor of the capital.

Bill Bennett: I mean you have got real serious problem in the Chief Executive Officer of a city which has a drug problem, is taking crack.

Howard Dicus: Washington DC had another scandal in 1990, when the President of American University was caught making obscene phone calls. Richard Berendzen resigned in disgrace. A doctor was charged with murder in 1990, because he helped a patient kill herself. She pressed a button on a machine he built, and it poisoned her. Late in the year charges were dropped against Jack Kevorkian, who insisted his patient died with dignity in a van.

Jack Kevorkian: She wanted to it done as soon as possible, and it was irrelevant to her where and the van was made as comfortable as possible.