1990 Entertainment

Published: 1990
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Actress Zsa Zsa Gabor enters the City Line Dinner Theatre in Philadelphia 6/2/1983 carrying one of her dogs with an aide following her.

Zsa Zsa Gabor did time in 1990 for slapping a Beverly Hills cop. She worked as a prison clerk despite having troubled alphabetizing.

Zsa Zsa Gabor: “I had to file which I don't even know the A,B,C so they wrote out for me the A,B,C,D,C and then I learned the A,B,C and then I filed, but very well. They were complimenting me I've done a great job.”

Howard Dicus: Scandal hit the recording industry when a Grammy was recalled. Mili Vanili a dynamic pop duo was exposed as a fake. The dancers weren't really the singers.

Paul McCartney: I joined the best band in the world.

Howard Dicus: Paul McCartney got a lifetime achievement Grammy in 1990.

Paul McCartney: And I got to take this opportunity now that I got this award here to thank John, George and Ringo for being good to people.

Howard Dicus: The raunchy rap group 2 Live Crew was busted on obscenity charges. Leader Luther Campbell defended the group.

Luther Campbell: We don't about violence, sex and having sex with cops and all that. We don't talk about that kind of stuff. Gang rape, we don't talk about that. We talk basic things that they discuss in a locker room.

Howard Dicus: Campbell was acquitted, but a man who sold two Live albums did not beat rap. At year's end he was planning an appeal, and they were still performing number like this one which comments on the group's notoriety.


Howard Dicus: The `60s have been over a long time, but rock musician still die of overdoses. In 1990 it happened for Brent Mydland of a Grateful Dead. Del Shannon committed suicide in 1990. He was despondent over a loss of fame.

Song: “Aye! Mr. Hayden I have been saving all my love for you.”

Howard Dicus: Singing great Sarah Vaughan died. Jazz also lost drummer, Art Blakey.

Song: When they lock in. You mean they are rocking? I am telling you they locking.

Howard Dicus: And Pearl Bailey.


Howard Dicus: Sammy Davis Jr. died, dancer, singer, actor, comic. One man whom it was accurate to describe with the word entertainer. The movies lost Greta Garbo, and Irene Dunn and Ava Gardner.

Ava Gardner: Look Mr. whoever you are, let me jump to my own conclusions.

Howard Dicus: And Barbara Stanwyck.

Barbara Stanwyck: Don't you think we ought to go to bed?

Speaker: You are certainly a funny girl for anybody to meet us, just come up the Amazon for a year.

Barbara Stanwyck: But then you weren't up there for two years.

Howard Dicus: Billionaire Malcolm Forbes died. Just a few months after writing a book about other famous people Famous Last Words, it was called, “They Went That-a- Way.” CBS lost its long time leader Bill Paley and it's long time anchor Douglas Edwards. And the patron saint of game shows died, Bill Cullen.

Bill Cullen: It's my favorite time. Everyone want something, but Mr. You are not a champion with $412, and the most surprise look on your face than anyone I have seen a long time. You were still champion.

Howard Dicus: But in the entertainment world one loss was more sudden, more widely felt than any other.

Song: “Flying around there are so many songs about rainbows.”

Howard Dicus: The creator of the Muppets caught a bug, delayed getting treatment, and never recovered. Jim Henson died decades too young, and for many at his New York funeral, it was also too much to bear. Tammy Burke a fan.

Tammy Burke: When they played this song, the rainbow connection from the movie, That's Right, really got sad, but certainly he was the rainbow connection. He's got -- it will keep the child in all of us alive. And I am just so sad that he is gone.

Howard Dicus: We lost the composer of Appalachian Spring in 1990, and not only Aaron Copland, but the conductor who performed Copland's music around the word, Leonard Bernstein. Copland had stopped composing years before. Bernstein retired from the from the podium just a few days before his death. These good friends are forever paired in many beloved recordings. This is the year in review