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Published: 1988
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Unknown Speaker: “The point is ladies and gentlemen, that 'Greed, for lack of a better word, is good.”

Howard Dicus: It was a line from a hit movie, but it sometime seemed a slogan for real life wall-streeters. Among the alleged insider traders of 88, a former director of a Federal Reserve Bank. TV preacher scandals continued this year. Jimmy Swaggart confessed sin after a prostitute said he was her client. PTL founder Jim Baker was indicted on fraud charges.

Jim Baker: “I am not guilty of these charges.”

Howard Dicus: At the summer Olympics in South Korea, Canadian runner Ben Johnson was stripped off his gold medal after testing positive for steroids. Johnson said he never knowingly took illegal drugs.

Ben Johnson: “I would never embarrass my family, my friends and my country.”

Howard Dicus: Auctions in 88 set record prices for art, but Van Gogh's most acclaimed painting 'The Potato Eaters' was stolen from a rural Dutch Museum. For the first time in 50 years, there was a broadly popular new opera. It was called 'Nixon in China.' Nixon was played by a baritone. Broadway composer Frederick Loewe died in 1988 and jazz man Charlie Rouse and rock pioneer Roy Orbison, pop star Andy Gibb died at age 30. Shipping heiress Christina Onassis was just 37 and Billy Carter died at 51. President Reagan's favorite author died, Louis L'Amour was 80. The movies lost John Houseman and John Carradine, gender bending actor Divine and the child star of 'Poltergeist,' Heather O'Rourke. Hollywood had a screenwriter's strike in 1988. Chevy Chase mentioned it at the Oscars.

Chevy Chase: “Yes, I understand. None of this material has been written by me, a guild member or any other writer, unless done so before and in anticipation of a pending strike. In fact, my entire monologue was generously donated by five teamsters.”

Howard Dicus: The screenwriter's strike delayed some fall TV shows. The networks reportedly made some new programs by reusing very old scripts. The hit movie of 88 was a 'Quantum Leap' for the odd art of mixing animation and live actors. It was called 'Who framed Roger Rabbit.'

Smart Ass: “Okay, wise-guy, where is the rabbit?”

Eddie Valiant: “Haven't seen him.”

Smart Ass: “What's in there?”

Eddie Valiant: “My lingerie”

Howard Dicus: Superman turned 50 years old this year and the dean of toons turned to 60. That's 1988, the Year In Review. The editor was Rob Bower, produced by Barbara Porter, I am Howard Dicus. Have a happy 1989. This is the UPI Radio Network.