Iranian Hostage Crisis Continues

Published: 1986
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With a photo showing a space shuttle launch behind him, President Reagan addresses teachers competing to become the first private citizen in space in the East Room of the White House June 26, 1985. There are 14 semifinalists in the teacher in space program which the president established last August. The teacher chosen to go into space will fly aboard the space shuttle in 1986. Christa McAuliffe was the chosen teacher. The shuttle Challenger launched on January 28, 1986 at 11:38:00 a.m. EST. Seventy three seconds into the flight, the Challenger exploded and all aboard were killed. (UPI Photo/Vince Mannino/FILES)

Dennis Daily: The ongoing tragedy of Americans being held hostage in Lebanon continued this year, but two were released. Father Lawrence Jenco and the Administrator of the American University Hospital in Beirut, David Jacobson. Jenco was released first. He brought with him a tape of Jacobson still held hostage pleading for help in obtaining his release.

David Jacobso: There are days when I believe that the government really doesn't care about me and we have been totally abandoned.

Dennis Daily: Throughout the year, Anglican church envoy, Terry Waite continued to work for the release of all hostages. Some though, viewed Waite as a headline seeker.

Speaker: That's the sort of crossfire I have to put up with and if it's sad, it's sad. If I can't take it, then I should get out of it.

Dennis Daily: Nearly a dozen US and French hostages remain in captivity.