John Walker Tried for Espionage

Published: 1985
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Dennis Daly: For a while it seemed like everyone was spying on the United States, including several otherwise-trusted members of the military. UPI Radio's Barbara Campbell explains …

Barbara Campbell: "The public first heard of John Walker in May; but by then, he had already been passing U.S. military secrets to the Soviet Union for two decades. Accused of spying with him and facing prison terms are Walker's son Michael, brother Arthur and friend Jerry Whitworth. John and Michael pleaded guilty and agreed to reveal all they had told the Soviets in exchange for a shorter sentence for the son. Prosecutor Michael Schatzow says the Government needed that information, but refused to lighten John Walker's sentence … "

Michael Schatzow: "'Because of his long history of espionage activities and the harm that he's done to the country from that, we were not willing to trade away anything in terms of his own sentencing. The only thing that left us was Michael.'"

Barbara Campbell: "John Walker could conceivably be released from prison in ten years. Michael Walker has no chance for parole for 25 years.

"After the Walker arrests, authorities picked up one suspect after another in unrelated cases, accusing them of spying for countries including the Soviet Union, Israel, China and Ghana.

"This is Barbara Campbell."