Death of John Lennon

Published: 1980
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WAX2000120800 - 08 DECEMBER 2000 - WASHINGTON, DC, USA: Former Beatle John Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono listen in on the Watergate hearings on Capitol Hill in this 1973 file photo. Today is the 20th anniversary of John Lennon's murder who was shot dead in New York by Mark David Chapman December 8, 2000. cc/FILE PHOTO UPI ..

In December, one of the leading figures of the rock music world was gunned down outside his expensive New York City residence. The death of former Beatle John Lennon aroused anger and resentment around the world. Brian McFadden filed this report on the death of the famed rock star.

Brian McFadden: John Lennon died in the city he so often said, “He love New York”. Police say, Mark David Chapman ended Lennon's life on the evening of December 8. The former Beatle and his wife Yoko Ono were returning to their luxury building on Manhattan's upper west side when Chapman allegedly called to Lennon then assumed a combat stance and pumped several bullets into the rock idol.

Doctors who tried to save his life say the damage and blood loss were just too much to overcome. Lennon was dead on arrival at Roosevelt Hospital just minutes from the Lennon's residence by speeding police cruiser. Throughout the ride, Yoko Ono demanding the police, “Just tell me he is alright.”

According to authorities, Chapman had apparently been stalking Lennon for some time. In fact, just hours before he allegedly gunned Lennon down, Chapman asked for and received an autograph. For years, there have been rumors that Beatles would one day get back together. Rock fans dreamed of that day, but their dreams ended abruptly on the night of December 8.

The driving force behind a group that revolutionized the music industry, gummed down in an apparently senseless act of violence. This is Brian McFadden in New York.

Nick Charles: The curtain went down on other show business luminaries during 1980, people who will be remembered for their contributions for many years to come. Jimmy Durante, the 'Inka Dinka man' with a big nose who charmed young and old alike, both on and offstage, who said goodbye to Mrs. Calabash for the last time on January 29.

Actor David Janssen who played the detective and the fugitive, the latter bringing him his greatest fame on TV ending his career on February 14.

Alfred Hitchcock, the producer and director who thrilled moviegoers with his suspenseful productions of The Birds and Psycho, the drama ended April 29.

George Raft who played the tough guy on the screen and always managed to end up with a girl or with a bullet. We can still see him flipping the silver coin.

Jay Silverheels who played 'Tonto' the lone ranger's faithful Indian companion. Actor, dancer Bobby Van (ph), Mae West, the sex queen of the 30s who invited many a male friend to come over and see me sometime.

And actor Steve McQueen who brought his love for race cars and motorcycles to the screen and played his most impressive role in the motion picture, 'The Great Escape'.

1980, a year that brought change to the US government and several governments overseas. A year that left the hostage situation unresolved. No led-up in the economic problems both at home and abroad, just some of the stories that highlighted the start of the new decade.

Recap 1980, a production of the UPI Audio Network. This is Nick Charles.