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Published: 1972
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George Wallace finished up his weekend swing through the Los Angeles area on June 7, 1976 in Marina Del Ray, with a news conference saying he had been depending on the news media to get message to the people. Wallace reiterated what he has been emphasizing in his campaign “that every candidate this year sounds like George Wallace sounded in his past presidential campaigns.” And in those he had been called an “ultra radical.” (UPI Photo/Bill Hormell/Files)

Ed Karrins: This is 1972 in Review, a production of the United Press International Audio Network. I'm Ed Karrins.

1972 was the year the President of the United States visited Moscow and Peking.

President Richard M. Nixon: “This was the week that changed the world.”

Ed Karrins: And 1972 was also the year Richard Nixon won reelection in a landslide.

1972 was the year of the Munich Olympics' massacre.

Unknown Speaker: “The hostages were killed.”

Unknown Speaker: “The Games must go on.”

Ed Karrins: 1972 was the year peace in Vietnam again appeared possible, and the year of the last Apollo moon mission.

1972 was the year of the Watergate case and the year George Wallace was gunned down.

President Richard M. Nixon: “This, of course, not only is the last rally of this campaign that I will speak to; it is the last time I will speak to a rally as a candidate in my whole life.”

Ed Karrins: President Nixon, campaigning in California three days before the election, confident of victory even before the ballots were cast, his remarks nonetheless had a certain similarity with another last appearance, one which followed a California state election, one of which his 1972 opponent was only too happy to remind him.

Senator George McGovern: “All of us are going to help him redeem a pledge, he made ten years ago, that next year you won't have Richard Nixon to kick around any more.”

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