Princess Anne's Marriage

Published: 1973
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British Royal Princess Anne and her fiance, Capt. Mark Phillips, speak to newsmen 9/7/1973 in Kiev where they are attending the European Equestrian Championships. (UPI Photo/Files)

Announcer: For the British, 1973 is less likely to be remembered because of Kohutek than for the wedding of the Queen's daughter, Princess Anne. Dick Rowalt reports from London.

Dick Rowalt: "Well, the empire's dead, Ireland's in flames, they're issuing gasoline-ration books across from Westminster Abbey. Britain is up to here in debt, and the power supply is running out; in fact, this is … well, by Jove, so what, for Princess Anne is getting married, so the champagne is flowing in account of the Rolls-Royces and the double-decker red buses are rolling in the loyalists across Westminster Bridge. All the Queen's men and all the Queen's horses were out in their finery, and the pubs are filled with toasting and wealth. Former Prime Minister Harold Wilson says Britain doesn't rule away. Ah, well (singing), my Anne's getting' married in the morning."

Princess Anne: "I, Elizabeth Alice Louise … "

Unknown Speaker: " … take thee, Mark Anthony Peter … "

Princess Anne: " … take thee, Mark Anthony Peter … "

Unknown Speaker: " … to my wedded husband … "

Princess Anne: " … to my wedded husband … "

Unknown Speaker: " … to have and to hold … "

Princess Anne: " … to have and to hold … "

Unknown Speaker: " … from this day forward … "

Princess Anne: " … from this day forward … "

Unknown Speaker: " … for better, for worse … "

Princess Anne: " … for better, for worse … "

Unknown Speaker: " … for richer, for poorer … "

Princess Anne: " … for richer, for poorer … "

Unknown Speaker: " … in sickness and in health … "

Princess Anne: " … in sickness and in health … "

Unknown Speaker: " … to love, cherish and to obey … "

Princess Anne: " … to love, cherish and to obey … "

Unknown Speaker: " … till death us do part … "

Princess Anne: " … till death us do part … "

Unknown Speaker: " … according to God's holy ordinance … "

Princess Anne: " … according to God's holy ordinance … "

Unknown Speaker: " … and thereto I give thee my troth."

Princess Anne: " … and thereto I give thee my troth."

Ed Karrens: Like a fairy tale come true, the son of a sausage maker married a princess. Mark Phillips and Princess Anne were married in Westminster Abbey, where the ceremonies were televised and beamed via satellite all over the world.

The commoner met his wife of regal background when he was horseback riding, which turned out to be Princess Anne's favorite hobby. The Queen, like most mothers, cried at her daughter's wedding. But don't be misled to believing that all marriages in Britain are as beautiful as Princess Anne's. Spectacular maybe, but beautiful? Well, let Pat Thoroughgood tell a story of a young British lass who got married on the very same day.

Pat Thoroughgood: "In what must be the understatement of the year, a local paper reports that guests were surprised at the goings-on during a wedding ceremony of Ms. Bindi Shah to Mr. Hakeem Nid. She smacked her almost-father-in-law with a whiskey bottle and fractured his skull, butted her fiancé's maiden aunt in the stomach with her head and locked her own mother in the church bathroom. Then she ran into the street, drove off in her fiancé's car, crashed it a short distance away and vanished in the ensuing crowd. The only comment from the bridegroom was that it was the first time she'd ever expressed any emotion towards him.