Pope Paul VI Visits U.S.

Published: 1965
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Pope Paul VI embraces Cardinal John Patrick Cody of Chicago on June 20, 1977 in Vatican City after an audience with 80 U.S. Cardinals, Archbishops and Bishops who attended the canonization on June 19 of America’s first male Saint John Nepomucene Neumann. (UPI Photo/Files)

announcer: This was the year Pope Paul VI became the first reigning pontiff ever to visit the Americas. He flew to New York to address to the United Nations a plea for peace, he spoke in French.

Pope Paul VI: "(French.)"

Translator: "No more war, never again war. Peace, it is peace that must guide the destinies of people and of all mankind."

Pie Chamberlain: The Pope spent a long day in New York meeting with President Johnson and celebrating a mass for peace in Yankee Stadium. The Pope's history making trip to the UN had little visible effect on the remaining business before the world body. He had urged by implication that Red China be admitted, but the communist regime was refused entry for the 15th time.

Unknown Speaker: "(French.)"

Translator: "In favor 47; against 47; abstentions 20; the proposal therefore is not adopted."

Pie Chamberlain: It was the closest vote ever apparently showing a gradual weakening of the opposition to seating Red China. As usual the UN gained a few members this year but for the first time in history it lost one. Sukarno pulled Indonesia out. Later a disillusion to Cambodia all but pulled out. We will continue our review of 1965 after this message.