Obituaries/ Diasters

Published: 1965
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VIENNA..10th anniversary celebrations of signging of Austria's state treaty. festive meeting at Belvedere castle here on May 15, 1965. Courtesy visit by European council president Pierre Pflimlin, and British foreign secretary Michel Stewart and wife to Austrian chancllor and acting state president Josef Klaus at Hofburg residence in Vienna.

Announcer: This year as every year the world lost many of its outstanding personalities. Sir Winston Churchill, an American citizen as well as a British subject; America's Statesman and Ambassador to the world Adlai Stevenson; former Vice-President Henry Wallace; former South Korean President Syngman Rhee and many others whose names made political, social and cultural history.

Several major disasters also took lives this year. There were killer plane crashes in New York, Lake Michigan, Salt Lake City, Cincinnati, Hong Kong and Paris.

Hurricane Betsy ripped up Florida and Louisiana. Killer tornadoes and floods hit the mid-west while the northeast thirsted for enough water to survive.

A cruise ship burned and sank between Florida and Bermuda killing about 90 fun-seeking passengers.

A volcano erupted near Manila, its deadly lava rolling over the land, destroying everything in its path.

A major disaster that might have been was the terrifying blackout of north-eastern America while a moon lit night and the almost incredible composer of New York prevented wide spread tragedy. The power failure pointed up America's increasing dependence on electricity and automatic devices.