1964 Olympics, The Beatles

Published: 1964
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WAP99123002 - 30 DECEMBER 1999 - HENLEY-ON-THAMES, ENGLAND: Former Beatle George Harrison, right, seen here in this 1968 file photo, was injured, December 29, when an assailant broke into his house near London and attacked him with a knife. Harrison was stabbed four times. A police spokesperson said Harrison was in stable condition after fighting off his assailant in a pre-dawn attack at his home on Henley-on-Thanmes. Police have arrested the assailant, but the reason for the attack is not yet known. rg/file UPI

Pie Chamberlain: The 1964, Summer Olympics opened in Tokyo, Emperor Hirohito spoke the opening words.


Pie Chamberlain: The United States came out with a Summer Olympics covered with golden honors, taking 36 first place medals, the largest Gold Strike in the Olympics.

Fighting continued on the Island of Cyprus, the Turkish Cypriot minority, battled with the Greek Cypriot majority throughout the year. A UN Peace force kept the squabble from becoming either a war between NATO partners, Greece and Turkey, or even a World War with a threatened intervention of the Communist.

Closer to home, the Island of Cuba continued to be a strong hold of communism in the Americas. The Cuban Tsar of industry, Che Guevara, came to New York in December for the UN session, which opened three months late, because of a Soviet American clash over Moscow debt. Guevara’s presence provoked demonstrations by Cuban Exiles and the firing of a bazooka at the UN building with a near miss.

In Washington, Republicans on a Senate Committee kept firing at and around Bobby Baker for weeks, but apparently without hurting Democrats much. Hearing into the affairs of the quelling dealing former Johnson advisor will continue in 1965.

In Asia it was the year of the Dragon, but in the United States it was the year of the Beatles. The Mop Heads made two trips across the nation collecting money and wooing, screaming fans. In November the world’s teens had held his breath while Beatles drummer Ringo had his tonsils removed. He took the operation in stride. And for millions of young Americans, that was the year's big news.

This has been 1964 In Review, a program produced by United Press International Audio under the direction of Scott Peters, Editor Yon Brien, this is Pie Chamberlain.