Casey Stengel retires, Clark Gable Dies

Published: 1960
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On another front the war of words caught up with 70-year-old Casey Stengel who was told he bidded the helm of the New York Yankees long enough.

Unknown Speaker: "Casey obviously this is a sad occasion but looking..."

Casey Stengel: "It's not a sad occasion I look very happy here."

Unknown Speaker: "You only faced ball with any special thought in mind."

Casey Stengel: "Well, I live it, yes, I tried to tell you, I must have to thank those ball players in 12 years. Don't you think I know how good DiMaggio was? Don't you think I can't see Mickey Mantle coming ahead and may being in the top ball players? Don't you think I know Scouring played with a bad back and going out, I want everybody here or anybody to get the line-ups and compared to players in each position with the clubs I mean in October not in the spring and you will see what's left to the club, that's what I'm interested. Those men have to give out for me to get the record I have."

Announcer: In fantasy land of Hollywood the passing of a king brought sorrow to all that had known the art history of Clark Gable. Cinema starts Robert Taylor and Janet McDonald expressed their sense of loss.

Robert Taylor: "He was a great, great guy and certainly one of the great stars of all times, he is not the greatest. I think that I sincerely doubt that there will ever be another like Clark Gable, he was one of a kind."

Janet McDonald: "I just feel that we've lost a fine member in our profession at the time when we really need him most."

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