O.J. Simpson, Lorena Bobbitt murder trials

Published: 1994
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LAP95032106-21MAR95-LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA: Brian"Kato"Kaelin testifies March 21 in the O.J. Simpson Double-Murder Trial. Kaelin was the live-in guest at Simpson's Rockinham mansion the night Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were murdered. UPI vv/John McCoy/pool

It was the year of sports and cinema celebrity was charged with murder.

Unknown Speaker: “It was done with deliberation and premeditation that is precisely what he’s charged with because that is what we will prove.”

Announcer: O.J. Simpson, quarter-back, TV announcer, actor was accused of brutally stabbing his ex-wife and her friend then calmly flying to Chicago on business.

Unknown Speaker: “By this time he wish plead guilty or not guilty?

Unknown Speaker: “Not guilty.”

Announcer: Police records have passed domestic incidents and prosecutors desire to use DNA test results as evidence made it look bad for OJ as the year ended.

Unknown Speaker: “Mr. Simpson is charged alone because he is the sole murderer.”

Announcer: But as his Attorney said --

Robert Shapiro: “I would ask you to reserve judgment until all the evidence is presented in a court of law.”

Announcer: The murder of Nicole Simpson and her friend was only one of several lurid court cases in 1994.

Unknown Speaker: “In the case of Commonwealth of Virginia versus Lorena Leonor Bobbitt.”

Announcer: Battered wife Lorena Bobbitt who gave her husband the painful come-up and was sent to a doctor instead of to jail.

Unknown Speaker: “We the jury find the defendant Lorena Leonor Bobbitt not guilty for felicitous wounding by reason of insanity.”

Announcer: A white south Carolina woman reported her children kidnapped by a black man and tearfully pleaded for their return on national TV. The next day…

Sheriff Howard Welles: “Susan Smith has been arrested and will be charged with two counts of murder in connection with the deaths of her children.”

Announcer: A white man who murdered his family then blamed that on blacks was himself murdered in prison late in the year, but the public focused more attention on the other man who was killed at the same time. The notorious killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

Unknown Speaker: “We're conducting an investigation focusing on eight people who were in the vicinity of the recreation building when the assault occurred.”

Announcer: For the second time an abortionist was gunned down in Pensacola, Florida by a pro-life activist. Paul Hill called it justifiable homicide but the court said otherwise.

Unknown Speaker: “It is ordered in the judge the defendant Paul Jennings Hill is hereby sentenced to death.”

Announcer: A World Cup soccer player who caused his team a victory by kicking the ball into the wrong net was accosted and murdered back home in Columbia in 1994.

Tim Ross: “The men came up to him Andres in the parking lot of a restaurant 3:30 in the morning as if they'd already located him, they'd spotted him and tracked him to this particular place.

Announcer: The BBC’s Tim Ross in Bogota.

Tim Ross: “It seems there is a lot of money have been put out on the World Cup and that’s two different cartels were betting one on the Colombian team and the other against the Colombian team.”