Nancy Kerrigan, 1994 Baseball

Published: 1994
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LVP95122101-21 DEC 95- LAS VEGAS NEVADA USA: Nancy Kerrigan performs for a private VIP audiance at the "Freemont Street Experience" as part of the Las Vegas Convention Visitors Authority filming for commercials. of the new 70 million dollar project. UPI Larry Burton

Announcer: Figure-skater Nancy Kerrigan was bashed on the knee in 1994.

Unknown Speaker: “There is about 5 to 7 centimeter abrasion, there’s local swelling over the knee-cap.”

Announcer: Fellow skater Tonya Harding expressed sympathy and said she hoped if she didn’t win an Olympic gold medal that Nancy did.

Tonya Harding: “Nancy and I are teammates, and if I make mistakes and she can go out and she do a clean program you know and win, hey, that’s great for her.”

Announcer: Prosecutors named fellow skater Tonya Harding as an un-indicted co-conspirator when her ex-husband and bodyguard were charged in the knee-capping plot.

Tennis star Monica Seles dropped out of the game after she was stabbed in the back at a tournament.

Monica Seles: “All I just felt was like, woo, something in my back and then I just saw blood coming out, and I mean, then I turned back and I just saw the guy with a knife.”

Announcer: There was no world series in 1994. Owners demanded the right to cap salaries and fire players for any reason at anytime. Players responded by throwing themselves out of the game.

Unknown Speaker: “Two sides made up of greedy millionaires.”

Announcer: Tony Garrett founded a movement to boycott the last games before the walkout began.

Tony Garrett: “To send a strong message that we are very distressed, the fans that is.“

Announcer: Someone else accused of greed in 1994 was longtime House Ways and Means Chairman Dan Rostenkowski.

Unknown Speaker: “We are dealing with conduct that is very reprehensible.”

Announcer: Prosecutor Eric Holder.

Eric Holder: “Congressman Rostenkowski engaged in a pattern of corrupt activity for more than 20 years and embezzled hundreds of thousands of taxpayer’s dollars between himself, his family and his friends.”

Announcer: Rostenkowski rejected a plea bargain and ran for reelection as if nothing had happened. When he lost to a political novice his concession speech was one of the bitterest in memory.

Dan Rostenkowski: “I wish him luck during the difficult days ahead and I certainly recognize that they are going to be difficult.”