Hubble Fixed and Ending Notes

Published: 1994
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SLP99030602- 06 MARCH 1999- ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI, USA: Miss America 1995, Heather Whitestone, signs her old english book for 13-year-old Marissa York of Houston, TX., while visiting the Central Institute for the Deaf, March 6. Whitestone, who is deaf, attended the school as a child. bg/rw/Bill Greenblatt UPI

David Levey: “When the first piece hit we were waiting to see if anything would be detected.”

Announcer: A little comet slapped a big planet in the face in 1994, What a Show! According to astronomer David Levey.

David Levey: “And someone came down and they saw a plume coming from that first fragment going up at 1000 miles out of Jupiter’s atmosphere, we just flipped.”

Announcer: 1994 was also the year astronomers got to look through the snapshots taken by the newly repaired orbiting telescope. Senator Barbara Mikulski.

Barbara Mikulski: “I am happy to announce the trouble with Hubble is over.”

Announcer: Computers corrected for warps in Hubble’s main mirror. Result --

Barbara Mikulski: “The pictures are remarkable.”

Announcer: The pictures show there is probably a lot less really dense matter in the space than astronomers figured. That means all their best theories about how the universe is put together are probably wrong.

Some closing notes from the year just ended. Heather Whitestone of Alabama became the first deaf Miss America.

Jack Nicholson bashed a car with a golf club. Michael Jackson paid millions to settle a pederasty suit then married Lisa Marie Presley. Pundit said if Elvis lived he was surely dead now.

And that’s The Year In Review.