Quyale and Murphy Brown, AIDS awareness and the Prince and Diane seperate

Published: 1992
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Howard Dicus: 1992 was the year an actual Vice President argued with a fictitious TV anchor woman.

Dan Quayle: “What I didn't like about Murphy Brown was the message somewhat glorifying the illegitimacy.”

Unknown Speaker: “Take it easy, the baby.”

Murphy Brown: “I am agonized over that decision I didn't know if I could raise a kid by myself.

Unknown Speaker: I know, I know.

Murphy Brown: I'm worried about what it would do to him, and I'm worried about what it would do to me? I didn't just wake up one morning and say, “Oh Geez I can’t get in for a facial, I might as well have a baby.”

Howard Dicus: Michael Jackson toured in 1992 giving proceeds to a charity for pediatric AIDS and two famous athletes said they were HIV positive. Tennis star Arthur Ashe was backed into it by a pending newspaper story.

Arthur Ashe: “I am sorry that I’ve been forced to make this revelation after all I am not running for some office of public trust, nor do I have stockholders to attend to.”

Howard Dicus: Basketball star Magic Johnson came forward willingly and became an articulate spokesman for AIDS awareness and the voice of realism to counter those urging teens to abstain from sex.

Magic Johnson: "Safer is no sex, but are we all going to sit here and think young people are not going to have sex because I say not to?”

Howard Dicus: Actor Jack Palance’s had a health issue in 1992.

Jack Pulman: “There is a little past or behind.”

Howard Dicus: This sicky singing and breezy wheezing from the film city slickers started rumors Pulman was dying. He wasn't dying, he was acting to kill the sick rumours he was reduced to doing one handed pushups at the Oscars.

The star of the TV series, “The Rifleman”, Chuck Connors died in 1992. We lost bubbly band leader of Lawrence Welk, and Marlina Detrick (ph) and Robert Morley, Anthony Perkins, and Jose 21:57, and Nancy Walker. The writer Alex Haley died in 1992. Haley wrote the autobiography of Malcolm X whose life was the subject of a Spike Lee film this same year. Alex Haley’s biggest success was his exploration of his own roots. He once said his love of writing went back to his youth.

Alex Haley: “I just was fascinated by the intrigued by it.”

Howard Dicus: Intriguing Isaac Asimov died in 1992. Carl Sagan said, Asimov was prolific and versatile.

Carl Sagan: “Not just science in all fields of science, but he wrote books interesting, good books on Shakespeare, on the Bible, on Byron's Don Juan.

Howard Dicus: We’ve lost three classical composers in 1992. This is New England trip tick by William Shulman. He was 81, and Olivier Messiaen was 83. John Cage was 79. Camp David signer Menachem Begin died in 1992. We lost Watergate Judge John Sirica and TV correspondent Eric Sevareid. Semanticist S. I. Hayakawa died. Shopkeeper turned Zillionaire Sam Walton, MAD magazine founder William Gaines. Superman creator Joseph Shewster died in the year just ended while his publisher killed off the superhero himself.

Johnny Carson: “I can only tell you that it has been an honor to come into your homes all these years and entertain you.”

Howard Dicus: It was the end of an era when Jonny Carson left the Tonight Show in 1992.

Johnny Carson: “I bid you a very heartfelt good night.”

John Major: “The monarchy is very deeply rooted in the affections of the British and so are the present Royal Family and I see nothing that is going to change that."

Howard Dicus: John Major said that after reports of a suicide attempt by Princess Diana, but later in the year the British Prime Minister was obliged to confirm that she and Prince Charles were through.

John Major: “With regret the Prince and Princess of Wales have decided to separate.”

Howard Dicus: Suddenly Buckingham Palace was heartbreak hotel.

Howard Dicus: Elvis Presley got his own stamp in 1992, but not until Postmaster General Anthony Frank held a contest.

Postmaster General Anthony Frank: “Which image of Elvis should be on the stamp? Should be the earlier slander one or the later somewhat whatever word you chose to use, Elvis, and so what we are doing is asking the American people to vote."

Howard Dicus: The swelt Elvis beat Elvis with pounds on his pelvis and by years end the postal service required by a law to honor no living person had issued its stamp of approval to the claim that the Elvis citing are mistaken and the king is dead.

Howard Dicus: Final footnotes - in 1992 a lost city was found in the Arabian desert evidence was found of a planetary object beyond Pluto and massive mushrooms were found in Michigan and Washington larger than any other known living organisms. That’s the year in review I am Howard Dicus for all of is here at UPI have a great 1993. This is the UPI Radio Network.