Pope John Paul II Visits the U.S.

Published: 1979
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With President Carter standing by, Pope John Paul II addresses a gathering of dignitaries on the South Lawn of the White House. A second reception was held on the North Lawn.

Jim Lounsbury: A visit to the United States by Pope John Paul II was one of the biggest stories of the year. Brian McFadden has that report.

Brian McFadden: "The bells at tiny Saint Patrick's Church in Cumming, Iowa rang out the Pope John Paul on a sunny Thursday in October. The Pope stopped in Iowa farm country between visits to some of America's biggest cities.

"To many, the Pope seemed a friendly, warm-hearted man. For children in New York, the Pope made this cooing sound in the way that parents in Poland express approval of their children.

"The other side of the story was that the Pope gave no sign there would be any changes in church tradition. It's all based in Philadelphia: their calling is for life. And in Washington, the Pope said..."

Pope John Paul II: "All human life, from the moments of conception and through all subsequent stages, is sacred."

Brian McFadden: "By the time the Pope finished his seven-day visit, he had been seen by millions of Americans; undoubtedly, many were touched by the message that man must not overemphasize the material aspects of life. This is Brian McFadden."