At least 106 killed in Nigerian crash

KANO, Nigeria, May 5 -- At least 106 people were killed when a Nigerian airliner crashed in the northern city of Kano, President Olusegun Obasanjo said Sunday.

In a radio address, Obasanjo, who cut short a trip to Botswana, promised an investigation into Saturday's crash.


The twin-engine EAS Airlines jet crashed in a heavily populated area about half a mile from the airport after taking off with 76 people aboard. The plane had arrived safely from the central city of Jos, and had jets set off for Lagos when it crashed.

At least two people on board survived, authorities said Saturday. One of those who died on the plane was Nigeria's Sports Minister Ishaya Mark Aku, the British Broadcasting Corp. reported Sunday.

"This is an event that calls for immediate detailed investigation to ascertain the cause of the loss and to prevent reoccurrences," Obasanjo said.

Dozens of bodies have been found in the rubble where the plane smashed through houses, a mosque and a school. Rescue workers and local residents continued Sunday digging through the rubble trying to find missing relatives. Content: 03010000 03014000 11006000

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