NFL Draft Trades

NEW YORK, April 21 -- Trades involving the 2001 NFL Draft:

Atlanta Falcons -- Acquired the top pick (Michael Vick, qb, Virginia Tech) from the San Diego Chargers for the No. 5 selection (LaDainian Tomlinson, rb, Texas Christian), a third-round pick (Tay Cody, cb, Florida State), a second-round pick in 2002 and receiver/returner Tim Dwight.


Dallas Cowboys -- Acquired a second-round pick (Quincy Carter, qb, Georgia) from the New Orleans Saints for two 2001 third-round picks (Sedrick Hodge, lb, North Carolina and Kenny Smith, dt, Alabama).

Denver Broncos -- Acquired a second-round pick (Paul Toviessi, de, Marshall) from the Buffalo Bills for second (Travis Henry, rb, Tennessee) and fourth-round picks in 2001.

Detroit Lions -- Acquired a second-round pick (Shaun Rogers, dt, Texas) from the New York Giants for third (William Peterson, cb, Western Illinois) and fourth-round picks in 2001.

Green Bay Packers -- Acquired a second (Robert Ferguson, wr, Texas A&M), third (Bhawoh Jau, db, Penn State) and fourth-round pick from the San Francisco 49ers for a second (Jamie Winborn, lb, Vanderbilt), third (Kevan Barlow, rb, Pittsburgh), sixth and seventh-round picks in 2001.


Indianapolis Colts -- Acquired a second-round pick (Idrees Bashir, db, Memphis) from the Dallas Cowboys for a second (traded again) and third-round (traded again) pick in 2001.

New England Patriots - Acquired a second-round pick (Matt Light, og, Purdue) from the Detroit Lions for a second (Dominic Raiola, C, Nebraska) and sixth-round pick in 2001.

New York Giants - Acquired the No. 22 overall selection (Will Allen, cb, Syracuse) from the Indianapolis Colts for the No. 30 overall selection (Reggie Wayne, wr, Miami) and third (Cory Bird, s, Virginia Tech) and sixth-round picks in the 2001 draft.

New York Jets - Acquired the No. 16 overall selection (Santana Moss, wr, Miami) from the Pittsburgh Steelers for the No. 19 overall selection (Casey Hampton, dt, Texas) and fourth and sixth-round picks in 2001.

Miami Dolphins - Acquired a second-round pick (Chris Chambers, wr, Wisconsin) from the Dallas Cowboys for a second (Tony Dixon, s, Alabama) and fourth-round pick in 2001.

Minnesota Vikings- Acquired a third-round pick (Eric Kelly, cb, Kentucky) from the New England Patriots for a third (Brock Williams, cb, Notre Dame) and fourth-round pick in the 2001 draft.

Pittsburgh Steelers - Acquired a second-round pick (Kendrell Bell, lb, Georgia) from the New England Patriots for second (Matt Light, g, Purdue) and fourth-round picks the 2001 draft.


San Francisco 49ers - Acquired the No. 7 overall selection (Andre Carter, de, California) along with a sixth round pick in the 2001 draft from the Seattle Seahawks (via Dallas) for the No. 9 overall selection (Koren Robinson, wr, NC State), and a third and seventh-round pick in 2001.

St. Louis Rams - Acquired the No. 12 overall selection (Damione Lewis, dt, Miami) and a fifth-round pick from Kansas City for quarterback Trent Green; acquired cornerback Aeneas Williams from the Arizona Cardinals for a second-round (Michael Stone, cb, Memphis) and fourth-round pick in 2001.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Acquired the No. 14 overall selection (Kenyatta Walker, t, Florida) from the Buffalo Bills for the No. 21 overall selection (Nate Clements, cb, Ohio State) and a second round pick (traded again) in 2001.

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