Edward Said joins stone-throwers at Israeli border

BEIRUT, Lebanon, July 4 -- Edward Said, a U.S.-nationalized Palestinian writer, visited the Lebanese-Israeli border and threw stones at Israeli soldiers, continuing a ritual for of Lebanese and Palestinians at the frontier since the Israeli withdrawal from the southern region, according to Tuesday's As Safir newspaper.

As Safir published a front-page picture of Said as he was throwing stones at Israeli soldiers across the border fence at the Fatma gate during a visit on Monday to liberated south Lebanon, his first since 1982.


Said inspected various areas that were evacuated by Israel on May 24, including the Khiyam jail where hundreds of Lebanese were detained and tortured by Israel-backed South Lebanon Army militia during the occupation years. He met a number of former prisoners and then headed to the Fatma gate where he expressed happiness for glancing at "occupied Palestinian territories from Lebanese liberated areas."

Referring to Israel's occupation of Palestinian territories, he said: "This Zionist phenomenon, which stole the land and displaced the people, is still continuing. This land that we see in front of us was all Palestinian. How can we reach a solution to this problem?"

Said noted that "the future of south Lebanon is difficult" because of its geographical and political conditions and called for pursuing efforts to liberate all remaining occupied spots. He was referring to a number of alleged Israeli violations on the Lebanese border.


He described the liberation of south Lebanon as "a great achievement which never happened during my struggling life against the Zionist occupation since 1948. It is the first time that an Arab party liberates our land from Israeli forces."

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