Actress Pamela Lee wins lawsuit

LOS ANGELES, May 27 -- A judge has ruled in favor of former 'Baywatch' star Pamela Anderson Lee, who was being sued by a movie production company that claimed she broke a promise to appear in the movie, 'Hello, She Lied.' Superior Court Judge David Horowitz agreed that Lee did not have a binding contract with the production company called The Private Movie Co.

The judge had already thrown out part of the company's lawsuit earlier this month that alleged it lost money because of her failure to appear in the movie. Lee, who testified in her own defense, said she refused to do the movie because simulated sex scenes were not removed from the script. Lawyers for the production company contended that Lee reneged on a verbal promise in 1994 so she could instead take the starring role in another movie, 'Barb Wire.' 'Hello, She Lied,' was later made with swimsuit model Kathy Ireland and shown on cable as 'Miami Hustler.' ---


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