AK-47 designer regrets rifle's misuse

NEW DELHI, April 16 -- The Russian designer of the dreaded AK-47 automatic assault rifle, Gen. Mikhail Kalshinkov says he regrets the 'misuse' of the weapon. Kalshinkov on Wednesday said he had designed the deadly weapon for use by armies and security agencies, therefore, he was not responsible for the misuse of the gun by terrorists and insurgents world-over.

The Avtomat Kalashinkov, or AK-47, was produced in 1947. Since then, many versions of the rifle, like AK-52, AK-56, AK-72 and AK-74 have entered the market. He says: 'It is not a device of is a means of securing peace should be in the safe hands of defense personnel and I feel sad when I hear of its misuse.' He says, 'I had designed the AK-47 to ensure peace since the common man always wants peace.' Kalashinkov is visiting India to inaugurate the India International Civil and Defense Equipment Systems Exhibition. Kalashinkov says the idea of making the AK-47 was born in a hospital bed. After suffering wounds at the hands of invading Nazi forces during the World War II, Kalashinkov thought of designing an assault rifle. He says 'had there been no world war, I would have designed some agricultural tools.' ---


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