Background on Kofi Annan

UNITED NATIONS Dec. 17 -- Kofi Annan (KOH-fee ah-NAHN) of Ghana, who's next in line to be Secretary-General of the United Nations, will be considered by the 185 member nation General Assembly (Tuesday).

Annan is 58-years-old and a career diplomat. He's currently the U.N. 'sundersecretary-general for peace-keeping operations. He's the first Secretary-General to rise through the ranks of the U. N. to the top spot. Annan will succeed Boutros Boutros-Ghali of Egypt, who wanted a second term but was opposed by the U.S. If approved by the General Assembly, Annan would assume office January first. The job of U.N. Secretary-General pays $205,809 a year. The United Nations Security Council voted to elect Annan on Friday. ---


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