Life prison for U.S. soldier convicted of decapitation

BERLIN, April 1 -- A U.S. military court in Germany Friday convicted a U.S. soldier of murdering a fellow GI, who had an affair with his wife, and sentenced him to life in prison.

Stephen J. Schap, 26, was found guilty of decapitating Gregory W. Glover, 21, last December in the city of Fulda and taking Glover's head to show his wife Diana, who was in the hospital.


The U.S. military court in Hanau, Germany, found Schap guilty of premeditated murder and sentenced him to a life prison term to be served at Fort Levenworth, Kansas.

The jury, comprised of six men and one woman, was told that Schap's wife had an affair with Glover and was expecting his child.

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