Indecent Proposal' wins Razzie as worst film

VERNON SCOTT UPI Hollywood Reporter

HOLLYWOOD, March 20 -- 'Indecent Proposal,' in which Robert Redford offered Demi Moore $1 million for a single night of love, won the Razzie Award on Sunday as worst picture of 1993.

The Golden Raspberry Award Foundation's 355 members voted the box- office hit the worst film of the year, and gave the worst supporting actor award to Woody Harrelson as Moore's cuckolded husband.


Madonna became a three-time winner of the worst actress in this Bronx cheer salute to Hollywood duds, triumphing in 'Body of Evidence,' which revealed more body than evidence.

The flamboyant singer played a defendant charged with killing her ancient husband by having sex with him too often and too rigorously.

Burt Reynolds, after three previous nominations, finally made the grade winning worst actor as the slack-jawed policeman in 'Cop and a Half.'

The third award for 'Indecent Proposal,' 1993's year's most honored movie, went to screenwriter Amy Holden Jones.

Director Jennifer Chambers Lynch had the dubious distinction of capturing the Razzie for worst director for 'Boxing Helena,' an indelicate romance in which a surgeon adoringly amputates his beloved's limbs.

Faye Dunaway, another previously razzed performer, was chosen this year's worst supporting actress for playing an unsympathetic office maven in 'The Temp.'


Deflated with the award for worst new star of the year was Janet Jackson, of the embattled musical Jackson family, for her performance in 'Poetic Justice.'

'Whoomp! There It Is,' from 'Addams Family Values,' came away with the award for worst original song of the year.

It hasn't happened yet, but should a Razzie awardee collect a trophy, it will be a gold-spray-painted plastic golf-ball-size raspberry with a street value of $1.97.


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