Israel sets compensation for victims of Hebron massacre

JERUSALEM, March 7 -- Israel has set up a rate schedule to compensate 30 Palestinian families whose relatives were killed in last month's Hebron mosque massacre and for about 65 people wounded, government sources said Monday.

Payments will based on the size of the victim's family and the extent of the person's physical injuries, according to sources within the government who said the Finance Ministry would soon approve the measure.


The parents of an unmarried childless man who died will receive $28, 000, while a family of six or more children will get $70,000.

A victim slightly wounded will receive $8,500, but someone more serverly wounded and with at least six children will get $70,000.

The National Insurance Institute set the rate schedule, which a spokeswoman acknowledged was lower than schedule applied to Israelis victims of terrorism.

'The average salary, average standard of living of the Israeli population is higher than that of the Palestinian population,' she explained.

Compensation will be a one-time lump payment to those who sign a document agreeing not to seek further government restitution as a result of the bloodshed in the Hebron mosque. Israeli victims receive payments throughout their lives.


(written by Carmel Gerber, edited by Jonathan Ferziger)

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