Relative says Kerrigan received death threats

BOSTON -- A relative of Nancy Kerrigan says the silver medal figure skater left the Olympic Games early because she had received several death threats, the Boston Herald reported Saturday.

Kerrigan's aunt, Judy Schultz, said the skater left the games after she received several written threats and the King of Norway said his government could not guarantee her safety.


Kerrigan received some criticism after she left the games in Lillehammer early and appeared at a parade at Disney World in Florida while her teammates attended closing ceremonies. Kerrigan has reportedly signed a multi-million dollar media contract with Disney.

'She was looking forward to going to the closing ceremony and has been very upset by allegations that she skipped it because she felt bitter over losing out on the gold medal,' the newspaper quoted Schultz as saying.

'There are some pretty nutty people out there. Nancy had death threats even before the Olympics and I know she was disappointed to miss the final ceremony. But her safety has to come first,' Schultz said.

Police in Kerrigan's hometown of Stoneham, Massachusetts, where a welcome- home parade is scheduled for the skater Sunday, said they are taking the threats seriously and will boost security for the event.


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