Davis backs snorer's rights

Feb. 24, 1994
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DAVIS, Calif. -- A California town's city council is backing the right of a local woman to snore as loud as she wants.

The Davis City Council said it did not intend to include snoring as a violation when it passed a city noise ordinance.

Davis is approximately 20 miles west of Sacramento.

A unanimous council voted Wednesday night that the nuisance measure should not have been invoked against Susan Zayed, 30, of Davis. A neighbor had complained that the woman's snoring kept him awake.

The resolution sent to the district attorney said the noise ordinance was supposed to apply only to willful violations, not unconscious ones.

Several council members apologized to Zayed, who pleaded not guilty in court earlier in the day for the incident dubbed 'the snore heard 'round the world.'

The dispute began three weeks ago when Zayed was cited for violating the noise ordinance by a community police officer who received a complaint from Chris Doherty who lives in the adjoining duplex.

Police tried unsuccessfully to send the matter to a mediator, but Doherty refused, saying he had already tried unsuccessfully to resolve the matter with the woman.

District Attorney Dave Henderson said he would try again to bring the two parties together to resolve the issue out-of-court before he decides whether or not to proceed with the prosecution.

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