Canadian province bewitched by politician

VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- British Columbia's socialist provincial government worried Friday about a self-professed witch who is running as its candidate in a predominantly Christian electoral district in an upcoming by-election.

New Democratic Party executives from the Vancouver-area district met Friday to decide whether or not to formally approve Samuel Wagar's candidacy on behalf of their party.


Wagar, 37, won the nomination by acclamation last week in the electoral district of Matsqui, known as a conservative, church-going area.

Joanne Morley, 25, a convenience store worker in Matsqui told United Press International: 'I think the people of Matsqui are quite shocked. It's a very religious area, with more churches than anywhere else I know.'

A gas station worker who only gave her name as Wendy said Matsqui residents are 'going to be dead set against it, because this is the Bible belt area.'

Wagar is a member of the Covenant of Goddess Church and admits to worshipping The Horned God in nude moonlit rituals. Wagar's religion is not connected with satanism.

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