U.S. lists Haitians with frozen assets


WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Treasury Department announced Wednesday the names of 41 people, many of them military men, whose assets were frozen in connection with the crackdown on Haiti.

The people named were determined to have helped overturn the government of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, obstruct United Nations resolutions, contribute to violence in Haiti, or support pro-military forces running the country and preventing a return to civilian government.


The U.S. administration order freezing all assets within U.S. jurisdiction of the 41 people means U.S. citizens cannot do business with any of them without U.S. government approval.

The Treasury Department announcement listed the names, but did not give details on the assets involved:

--Col. Antoine Atouriste

--Col. Mondesir Beaubrun

--Serge Beaulieu

--Brig. Gen. Philippe Biamby

--Lt. Col. Jean-Lucien Cazeau

--Lt. Gen. Raoul Cedras

--Louis Judel Chamblain

--Col. Leopold Clerjeune

--Emmanuel 'Toto' Constant

--Joel Deeb

--Col. Carl Dorelien

--Col. Frantz Douby

--Maj. Jean Roland Dufresne

--Maj. Gen. Jean-Claude Duperval

--Evans Macfarland Francois

--Lt. Col. Joseph Michel Francois

--Lt. Col. Jean Evans Gedeon

--Reynold Georges


--Lt. Col. Henri Germain

--Col. Belony Groshomme

--Lt. Col. Derby Guerrier

--Capt. Jackson Joanis

--Lt. Col. Andre Claudel Josaphat

--Maj. Serge Justafort

--Maj. Marc Kernizan

--Pierre Philippe Lassegue

--Lt. Col. Bernardo Leonidas

--Maj. Joel Loiseau

--Brig. Gen. Henry Max Mayard

--Max Paul

--Col. Bernadin Poisson

--Col. Ernst Prud'homme

--Maj. Lener Renaud

--Franck Romain

--Col. Dumarsais Romulus

--Col. Martial Romulus

--Col. Ramus Sainvil

--Lt. Col. Estimien Simon

--Col. Diderot Lyonel Sylvain

--Maj. Marc Valme

--Col. Hebert Valmond

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