Jurassic Park' sets worldwide box office record

By DAVE McNARY UPI Business Writer

HOLLYWOOD -- 'Jurrasic Park' has broken the worldwide box office record previously held by 'E.T. -- The Extraterrestrial' by selling more than $704 million in movie tickets during the past four months.

Dino-mania has been particularly strong overseas with international grosses of $379 million for the Universal release, along with domestic grosses of $325.7 million.


'Films of this stature come along only once in a decade,' said Tom Pollack, chairman of the motion picture group of MCA Inc., Universal's parent. 'The overwhelming popularity of 'Jurassic Park' has made it a cultural phenomenon around the world.'

Both 'Jurassic Park' and 'E.T.' were produced by Steven Spielberg and released by Universal, which became part of Matsushita Electric Industrial in early 1991. Spielberg also has 'Jaws' and 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' on the top 10 domestic list.

'E.T.' grossed $359.2 million domestically and $281.3 million overseas in its initial 1982 release, and tacked on another $40 million domestically and $20 million overseas during its re-release in 1985 for a combined $701.4 million worldwide.

'Jurassic Park' will probably gross another $5 million to $10 million domestically, leaving it about $65 million short of the domestic record held by 'E.T.'


International grosses have been particularly strong in Japan, where Spielberg and dinosaurs are especially popular, with $107.5 million in 79 days. United Kingdom grosses also were impressive with $67.2 million in 80 days.

'Jurassic,' yet to be released in France or Spain, has been grossing more than $15 million a week in Europe, so it could take in another $50 million overseas. It has become the No. 1 all-timer in Japan, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Mexico, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand.

'Jurassic Park' set domestic records for biggest late-night preview ($3.1 million); biggest three-day opening weekend ($47.1 million); biggest second weekend ($38.5 million); fastest to reach $100 million (10 days) and fastest to reach $200 million (24 days).

The film has generally outperformed projections of $270 million domestic gross and $370 million overseas.

Consulting firm Paul Kagan Associates, of Monterey, Calif., estimated this summer that over the next three years, 'Jurassic Park' would generate a gross profit of $339 million for Matsushita after subtracting $301 million in expenses -- based on the film generating $640 million in revenues.

Kagan also estimated that domestic home video revenues will amount to $225 million; foreign home video will total $49 million; domestic TV rights payments will reach $33 million and foreign TV payments will be $31 million.


The 10 top-grossing movies internationally, year of release, total gross:

1. 'Jurassic Park, 1993, $379 million.

2. 'E.T. -- The Extraterrestrial,' 1982, $301.6 million.

3. 'Ghost,' 1990, $290 million.

4. 'The Bodyguard,' 1992, $289 million.

5. 'Pretty Woman,' 1989, $279 million.

6. 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day,' 1991, $263 million.

7. 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade,' 1987, $258 million.

8. 'Rain Man,' 1988, $240 million.

9. 'Basic Instinct,' 1992, $235 million.

10. 'Beauty and the Beast,' 1991, $202 million.

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