Two California detectives investigating child molestation allegations against Michael...

MANILA -- Two California detectives investigating child molestation allegations against Michael Jackson met Wednesday with a Philippine couple who claims the megastar fondled young boys.

The detectives, one from Los Angeles the other from Santa Barbara, met for just under four hours Wednesday afternoon with Mariano Quindoy and his wife, Faye at a downtown law office. The Philippine couple managed Jackson's Neverland Valley home from 1988 to 1990.


'As the media already knows, we are here to talk to the Quindoys,' said Sgt. Deborah Linden, deputy sheriff at the Santa Barbara County Sheriffs Department. 'We are not here to comment on the investigation.'

Jackson has been haunted for weeks by allegations he sexually abused a 13- year-old boy. The boy recently filed a civil suit against the 35- year-old singer in Los Angeles. No criminal charges have so far been filed against Jackson.

The singer's representatives have branded the allegations part of a failed plot to extort $20 million from Jackson, currently on a world tour promoting his latest album, 'Dangerous.' Family and friends have rushed to his defense, insisting the allegations could not be true.

Linden refused to say whether she and Los Angeles police detective Fred Sicard would question the Quindoys further in connection with the allegations. The two arrived in the Philippines Tuesday and are scheduled to stay until at least Saturday.

Quindoy, a 59-year-old Philippine attorney who left Jackson's ranch due to disagreements with other staff and a pay dispute, claimed he saw the singer fondle young boys on at least two occasions.

He and his wife said they had 'reason to believe' the 13-year-old's allegations against Jackson, although the alleged incident occurred long after they had left the singer's employ.

Appearing relax and accompanied by three lawyers, Quindoy reiterated Wednesday that he was willing to testify if the case went to court. He declined to say whether the two detectives had requested his testimony.

Quindoy plans to write a book about what he allegedly saw during his employment at the Neverland resort. He has denied his allegations could be designed to stoke interest in the manuscript.

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