Filipinos offer to discuss singer Michael Jackson's 'abnormalities'

MANILA, Philippines -- A Filipino couple who used to work for Michael Jackson offered to testify about the pop superstar's unusual behavior in the presence of young boys, local press reports said Sunday.

'I can only say that there were some aberrations, some abnormalities, things that were unusual,' said one report quoting Marc Quindoy, 59, who claimed to have worked as the estate manager of the superstar's Neverland Ranch.


Quindoy said he and his wife Faye were willing to testify in the United States to shed light on the alleged abnormalities of Jackson even though he signed a contract never to divulge details about his stint at the ranch.

Jackson has been accused by the parents of a 13-year-old of sexually molesting their son, a charge which the pop superstar denies.

Quindoy said he quit working for Jackson because of disagreements with other staff members of the ranch, and that he plans to write a book about his stay at Neverland.

The Los Angeles police department began an investigation of the allegations against Jackson as the singer kicked off his 'Dangerous' concert tour in Southeast Asia.

The parents of the 13-year-old boy, who is the subject of a bitter custody battle, retained an attorney to represent the youth on Aug. 21, four days after the police investigation began and two days before it became public.


Gloria Allred, who represents the boy, says her client is willing to testify about his relationship with Jackson.

'Our client wants the truth to come out and he wants the district attorney to take appropraite action in this case,' said Allred. 'Many people love and trust Michael Jackson. Our client loved him and him and trusted him as well. Unfortunately, that trust has been destroyed.'

Allred refused to discuss the specifics of the allegations, reported to include kissing, masturbation and oral sex, but she said, 'We have many questions that we would like answered, such as why is Michael Jackson, an adult, repeatedly sleeping in the same bed with a young boy. '

Jackson, meanwhile, has said he is sure the police investigation will clearhis name.

Police have refused to discuss the investigation unless charges are filed.

But Jackson's private investigator, Anthony Pellicano, has accused the boy's father, a Beverly Hills dentist and part-time screenwriter, of demanding $20 million for a movie development deal. Pellicano claims when Jackson rejected the proposal, the father and the boy reported the alleged molestation.

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