Burt Reynolds says Loni cheated on him

NEW YORK -- Film star Burt Reynolds accused his estranged wife, Loni Anderson, of adultery in an interview released Monday and challenged her to take a sodium pentothal test to prove otherwise if she wants to get the multi-million dollar settlement she is demanding.

'We'll ask her how many affairs she has had since we got married and ask me how many I had and ask the dates of hers and ask the dates of mine,' Reynolds said in taped interview scheduled to be aired Tuesday on ABC-TV's 'Good Morning America: Evening Edition,' at 10 p.m. EST (2200 GMT).


'She will not accept the challenge. But if she does, she could win everything. If I win, I get Quinton (their son). That's all I want.'

Reynolds said he had been unhappy during the last three years of his four-year marriage because 'I found her cheating on me.'

He suggested they had not had sex since.

'Well, I don't see how she can be in total shock (over his decision to divorce her) when you have not...if your husband has not touched you in the Biblical almost three years,' he said.


'How can you be surprised?'

Reynolds said he was prepared to give his wife 'everything I own' to get custody of Quinton.

'I will make an offer to her right now that I will give her everything...including my ranch, my house, a lot of Western art she doesn't want and her $13 million that she was asking for if she will take a sodium pentothal test and I will take one right beside her.'

The actor said he did not think Loni was a very good mother.

'I mean, don't good mothers pick up their children once in a while?' he asked. 'And it's not a good idea to, in front of other people, say, 'Don't sit on mommy's lap because you'll wrinkle her dress, and don't kiss mommy because you'll mess up her lipstick.''

On the other hand, he said, his new girlfriend, former bar waitress, Pam Seals, is 'one of the nicest, most nurturing, wonderful people I've ever met in my life.'

But he said he had not made up his mind whether to marry her.

'I am in like for her and I think I love her...but I'm not making any predictons about that (marriage),' he said.


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