Drug czar given Cabinet rank

WASHINGTON -- President Clinton, in a move to emphasize the importance of the office, said Thursday Lee Brown will have Cabinet rank in serving as the new director of the National Office of Drug Control Policy

Clinton, in a Rose Garden swearing in ceremony, described Brown as a 'tough guy with a doctorate' who has 'a record with results' in police work in Atlanta, Houston and New York.


For the first time, Clinton said the drug czar 'will be sitting in on the president's Cabinet meetings.

'We want to strangle the supply by putting more officers on the street,' Clinton said. 'We've got to get the streets back for our children.'

'There has to be a time when kids can go to a swimming pool,' Clinton said,referring to the wounding of six children in a shooting spree last week at a Washington swimming pool.

Brown told the gathering he would make the campaign against drugs 'a personal crusade.

'Our goal will be to reduce drug addiction in America,' he said. 'We will resist the siren song of drug legalization.'

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